Monday, November 7, 2011

Little David

Jackson's Sunday School lesson was about helping your family.  I love how LifeWay writes their lessons for down to Earth, on their level.  Here is his lesson from this past Sunday.  (1 Samuel 16:11-12, 17:12-22)
"David had seven brothers.  Some of David's brothers worked for the king.  David stayed at home to help his family.  David took care of his family's sheep.  One day David's daddy said: 'David, get some bread. Take it to your brothers who are away working for the king.  Take some cheese, too. Find out how your brothers are doing.'  The next morning David left on his trip.  He hurried to find his brothers and give him the food.  David loved his family and he was glad he could show his love by helping."
Now.  Raise your hand if something is missing.  Yep!  You know, the part where David goes to his brothers, finds them unable to defeat Goliath and are all scared.  David steps up, gets his trusty sling shot and five stones and lets loose on ol' Goliath.  He falls dead.  David is a shepherd boy hero and finds himself as the King many years later.  Wa-la!  Success story!

But, are you like me and missed where it all began?  I did.  David's "daddy" asked him to take food to his brothers and find out how they were doing.  So David went.  Hmmm...the simple servant act.  Dad asked, so I went.  David had no idea he was setting out to discover his destiny or setting the ball in motion for bigger and better things.  He just went because he loved his father and brothers.   Dad didn't know either, he just asked his son to do an act of love.

How often do we do things for our family or our friends OR complete strangers just because they asked or just because we love them?  Hoping for no other reward or future gain?  Looking no further than fulfilling a need?  Sometimes, life really is that simple.  "Here am I, send me!"  Isaiah 6:8