Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Year Ago...

A year ago today I went to the doctor for my baby checkup.
A year ago Dr. Ajayi stripped my membranes with a 50% chance of going into labor (I prayed I was in that 50%).
A year ago tonight we watched "The Polar Express", not knowing our little family of three was turning into a family of four...literally over night.
A year ago tonight I packed Jackson's suitcase for a fun-filled trip with the grandparents.
A year ago tonight I also packed a small bag for me and Miss Kennedy should she decide to make an appearance...two weeks early. (fingers crossed!!)

At 4:00, I awoke feeling weird.  I didn't really think it was labor, but I was hopeful so I started timing them on my phone.  At 4:30 I woke Jeremy up.  I didn't think I was actually having true contractions because they weren't really that bad, but I wanted him alert!  I hopped in the shower and BAM!  The contractions started coming.  I shaved my legs (who wants to deliver a mommy with scratchy legs?!), dried my hair and put a little makeup on all while Jeremy is running around the house getting things in the car.  We woke Jackson up and shipped him off to MeMaw's (his retired babysitter...this was about 5:15?) and FLEW to Lebanon St. John's Hospital.

Jeremy got us there in one piece, even if I frightened him with my "demon voice" along the way.  What should have been a 30 minute drive was considerably less.  He parked the car in the ER entrance, left it running with the doors open and ran and got a wheelchair.  He ran down the corridor to the Delivery Floor and dropped me off to wait for a nurse.  After waiting for what seemed like EVER, she leisurely wheeled me through the locked door and asked me to stand on a scale and be weighed.  Honestly...I could have hit her (or cried on her shoulder!).

Luckily my doctor was just getting off call and was in the hospital.  While we waited for him, I had the pleasure of having a mean ol' nurse in my face telling me not to push!  Later, I learned that I loved her dearly because she really was very nice and she really did have mine and little miss' best interest at heart.  Finally, I was given a spinal block (HALLELUJAH!) and sweet baby girl was born at 7:55 am, December 30, 2010, weighing in at 7 lbs. 15 ozs, 21 1/2 inches long and two weeks early.  We camped out in the hospital with numerous visitors until December 31st around 5:00.  Who can sleep in those beds? Oh, and YAY for tax deductions and one deductible! :)

Our lives have never been more full than they have been this past year.  We have two of the sweetest, funniest, most ornery but lovable kiddos around.  Here's a look back:

Happy birthday Miss Kennedy Jordan Barnard!  May your life be richly blessed and we pray you follow the Lord's hand upon your life.  We love you pretty girl!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh the belly bug...

Yuck.  I know.  I don't really enjoy posting that title, but it's true.  We aren't the only ones that have been hit recently.  My condolences go out to you. :)

Not that I enjoy spending my time cleaning up after the little sick one or tending to my own woes, but it does slow me down.  I didn't get to spend time out and about the last few days because who DARES venture out for too long when this mean-spirited bug runs through your system with a vengeance?  So we spent our first few days off from the real world at home, in our pj's, stressing but not really caring that Christmas chaos was mere days away.  What other choice did I have? 

Are my presents (and Santa's) wrapped? Are we packed, better yet, are all the clothes fresh and clean straight from the washer? and definitely not. Is my house company ready? Uhhh...out of all three, this is the closest to being there, but no it isn't.  However, we got to watch MANY Christmas specials thanks to our Netflix streaming TV (our new addition after the robbery) and eat candy canes, drink hot cocoa and snuggle on the couch (me, two kiddos and one jealous dog). 

So tonight...I will give Jeremy the option to help wrap or clean the bathrooms top to bottom, while I work frantically to pull a miracle out of Santa's red hat.  We will both pray that all are well in the morning, Christmas Eve, ready to play with friends, go to bed in new Christmas pj's, open gifts and head to church Christmas morning.

I'm singing His praises for these little ones...

Mr. Jackson...sick day...beating bad guys as Spiderman.

Sissy (Miss Kennedy) enjoying a candy cane on our lazy day.

My two little precious people.  *Sigh* :)

In my life, I find great joy in these small people.  I hope you can find joy, love and peace this Christmas and throughout the New Year.

Merry Christmas from the Barnard's

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Blessings

My yearly ritual of sending Christmas cards makes me a little giddy.  I make myself wait until after Thanksgiving, but rarely much longer.  Dare I say I enjoy this task more than any other?  Probably.

Usually I have a thought that keeps rolling around in my head that I feel "inspired" to share in our letter.  This year was no different.  My thought for this year was blessings, riches, etc...  I started my newsletter with a quote that said "If you ever want to feel rich, start counting all the things money can't buy."  Being cute I added "So-let me tell you how we became millionaires!"  My corniness constantly amazes me. :)  However, I was being honest!  If we measure our wealth by non-material things we've got it made! 

I then proceeded to share all the wonderful silliness that my soon-to-be one year old little girl and three and a half year old little boy bring to our days.  I caught people up on our year happenings and besides the kiddos-we're pretty boring (thankfully!).  At the end of the letter a scripture kept rolling through my mind and I honestly wasn't sure if it even fit with the whole idea of the letter, but I needed to include it.  I mean, it WAS fitting for the season! 

Isaiah 9:6 “ For to us a child is born, to us a son is given… and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,  Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 

I never knew what was to come in just three days.  

Right before I folded, stuffed and stamped our cards, our house was robbed.  Granted, not everything was taken and the robbers could have done a lot more damage, but our home was ransacked and our sense of security was gone. My thoughts immediately went to the Christmas letter sitting on the coffee table ready to fold and stuff into envelopes with picture cards of smiling little cutie pies.  “If you ever want to feel rich, start counting all the things money can’t buy.  So-let me tell you how we became millionaires.”  Okay God.  I’m with you.  Yep, we’re still good-with or without that big screen TV, brand new laptop, jewelry box full of nice and/or sentimental pieces and other things.  We are still rich with those little blessings that made us millionaires before.  Thank you, Jesus, for your peace you place in our hearts and the reminder of what really matters.  Yes, I needed to be reminded of this. 

Praying for you and yours to find rest and comfort for the following year in THIS blessing.