Monday, September 3, 2012

Blog Balm

Sometimes, most of the time, others can say it so much better than I can.

Usually when I'm down in the dumps, I read blogs.  I never even knew what a blog was or how to find one a few years ago, but now I roll in them, enjoying the shared moments of mommyhood with others.  After my "Miss Kennedy" blog last night I read this one this morning and it soothed my soul because, WOW! That's me! (almost even down to the age thing!!) 

Click below on Little Miss Momma's link and hopefully she will remind you that the "we" is so much better than the "me".

The Best of Life - Mommy Tales, My Life, Real Life - Little Miss Momma

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Miss Kennedy

She's silly and loads of fun.
Bedtime is hard all of a sudden.
Church is excruciating.
Cleaning the house is hopeless.
Shopping excursions are painful.

Need I go on?  Miss Kennedy, as she's been called while still in vetro, is a handful!  She is stubborn, curious, strong willed and majorly independent.

I love her to death and can rarely stay "angry" with her for more than a few seconds because of her bouncing curls and mischevious smile, but GOOD GRIEF!

Yes, I'm sure my patience is a problem.  The here-and-now (messy house, screaming in church, etc...) is a problem.  But I don't think it's the MAIN problem.

So, what is the main problem??  Here we go.  I live in fear that my children will turn out to be wild hooligans that people will look at us and say "Holy cow.  What did you do to them!?"  Now I realize this is probably irrational, but to my irrational self, it makes perfect sense.  A mother's job is, truly, never done.

Whoever said parenting wasn't easy, was right!  Not only is it not easy, it is HARD.  We are constantly teaching, learning, experimenting, failing, succeeding and redoing.  We are cleaning, picking up and loving.  We are chasing, scrubbing, soothing and bathing. 

I know that the time we invest in their lives during these years will return to us, ten fold.  So, we must push on.  We have no other choice.  We WANT to push on....because we love our kiddos and care about their futures.

One day I know I will look back and never remember these years. I'm sure Jackson was just as trying, but the details are fuzzy. (Thank goodness! There's hope!) I know these years pass quickly, so "this too shall pass".

So tonight, I will go in and lay my hands on her after she's FINALLY gotten on that dreamland train and pray for guidance on how to raise this rambunctious child.  I don't want to break her...she'll need that fiery spirit one day.  I just want to do the best I can with her to prepare her for that day.

She really is beautiful...inside and out.
"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."  Proverbs 22:6