Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Little Valentines

We're not a sappy couple.  We never have been.  We, like others, love year round.  But Valentine's Day takes on a whole new meaning when you have little ones to love.  I wanted today to be special for them. 

Jeremy knows I don't need flowers.  There were plenty of sweets at the school party.  I got to eat school lunch with my man. Hmmm-romantic!  :)

However, I wanted my babies to go to their party at Miss Margo's. 
I wanted them to have the Power Ranger and Hello Kitty cards to hand out. 
I wanted to give their own goodies-Jackson's was Batman stuff and Kennedy's was Princess stuff. Awww...:) 
But most of all, I want them to know today and everyday that they matter more to me than all the flowers, chocolate and fancy dinners in the world.  I want them to feel loved forever...unconditionally...deeply

Sometimes I feel like I fail.  Sometimes I succeed!  Sometimes, I just don't know.  Sometimes, I need help.  Here are 100 ways to be kind to your child.  I've already found about 100 I want to try tonight! :)

Maybe we can do one a day.  100 days of kindness.  Wouldn't that be nice?  Oh, and then REPEAT!

Love to you and your little boogers!

*Singing His Praises*
~Jeremy keeping the kids Sunday for the church party, but sending me home early so he didn't have to worry.

~A snow day all by myself yesterday!  What a treat!

~Parents and in-laws who will keep grandkids at the drop of a hat.

~Jeremy driving all the way here just so the kids could have their Valentine's party with their little friends.

~Jeremy eating school food with me, just so we can have a Valentine's "dinner".

~Getting to spend an evening with my little Valentine's

~Take out food and paper plates for a busy and tired mama