Tuesday, June 26, 2012

To My Man

We've been married seven years, together for much longer, but you still amaze me. 

At times I want to ring your neck.  Like when you ALWAYS drop your clothes by the bed and leave them there until I say, "Whatever is dirty, put it in the hamper if you want it washed".  Or when I say "Look at that!" and you take 15 seconds to turn your head.  I just don't get the slow reaction! :)

Other times I want stand and applaud you for what a great husband and daddy you are to me and our wee ones.  Like when you start a water fight with the garden hose because Kennedy's expression is priceless and you want to see how long she'll take it.  Or when Jackson falls down and screams "I want daddy!" while I try to console him, to no avail.  Or when you do silly things in an emergency hospital room while we sit losing our second precious Heaven-baby to make me laugh uncontrollably to try and forget about the trauma for a little bit.  You are also a really good hug-giver and tear-wiper.  We've had it all.

You've had to wear many hats.  You've been good at all of them.  And you keep finding new ones! 

Thanks for loving me, making a special home for us, and for stepping up to the plate when I just had to stay down for awhile.  I think you're pretty great.