Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Go Fly a Kite!

"Go fly a kite!"
The dictionary defines this idiom as "something that you say in order to tell someone who is annoying you to go away".

Well, Mrs. Easter Bunny hopped into our living room with two floppy kites...Ninja Turtle for him and Barbie for her.

Today, we released the skinny tails, unwound the delicate string and watched as they floated higher, higher and higher.

I began to wonder if there was much else so peaceful.  The gentle flapping.  The slow dips and dives. Our faces turned Heavenward with the newness of sun warming our cheeks.  

The kids were giggling and joyfully running, trying to launch their paper birds.  

I was snap snapping photos and scrambling for kite strings.

All too soon our kite flying excursion came to an end when the kids were lured to the brightly colored slides and swings.  

However, should someone ever tell me to "Go fly a kite" I will not be offended.

It's far too fun!

Enjoy some fun pictures from today!

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