Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Blessings

Today after school I stumbled upon a blog (I'm a blog junkie...).  I was on one blog reading a recipe for Pollo Fundido and happily planning our supper.  Over to the right I saw a link for "Praying for Jonah" with a precious little boy's picture.  I was intrigued so I clicked on it. 

I read about Jonah turning four and applauded their parenting skills to "raise up a child".  I read "Our Story" and smiled, cried and sighed deep sighs. 

I clicked on "EB's Sweeties" and found even more children or families effected by this painful disease, that five minutes before I had never heard of. 

My heart hurt for these parents and kids who suffer daily.  My head felt guilty for my "ho-hum, grouchy" day.  My arms ached for the hugs from my own precious ones waiting for my day to be done.

I thank God for my ornery babies that leave their toys everywhere, spill their drink on the freshly cleaned couch, who steal my phone from the charger before my alarm goes off and who smear grimy hand prints on my clothes....because they are here...healthy, happy, and energetic. 

Click here to read Jonah's story.
I, too, and praying for Jonah.  Won't you? 

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